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Freeview Plus

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    Freeview Plus is a HbbTV application app built by myself (as lead) and the rest of the team at Switch Media. HbbTV stands for Hybrid Broadcast Broadband TV and is a standard that combines web technology with device APIs that allow web based applications to run on TVs and STBs. The Freeview Plus app was pushed out to millions of TV sets across Australia as the standard allows for the DVB stream to carry the URL of the hosted application. Read More...

The Harbour Watchman

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I had the honour of participating in the Sydney Vivid light festival this year as an artist. I entered an installation that I’ve named The Harbour Watchman. It’s been a real blast bing involved in the festival and I’m grateful to the Vivid organisers for giving me the chance to stretch my creative muscles and put my zany idea out there into the world. The project has been keeping me quite busy over the last few months. Read More...

Vizamp @ BEAMS Festival 2016 - Recap

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We put on a demonstration of Vizamp for the 2016 BEAMS Festival on Saturday the 17th of September. Preparation for the event had started a few weeks beforehand with a projection rig to build and prep as well as an attempt to by me to coincide it with a remake of the Vizamp platform (so the added pressure/pleasure of furious coding thrown into the mix). Rig preparation at the office in the days leading up to BEAMS. Read More...