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The Light Teleportal

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    The Light Teleportal was a project I undertook for Vivid 2019 along with a couple of colleagues at Switch Media (Colin Hendry and Kevin Staunton-Lambert). As the lead artist I oversaw and participated in the the design, planning and construction of the installation. The the installation came in two pieces (portals) that were installed at the Royal Botanical Gardens Sydney. The concept was to have two gateways and allow viewers to communicate through them using the motion of their body as a visual language. Read More...

Freeview Australia Website

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Landing page Switch Media has just launched the new Freeview website. This slick website can be more accurately described as an online media application. Fully featured with - Advanced content discovery features, catch-up, browser VoD - A full EPG grid - Live TV playback - Search The web app was built from the ground up in React, using SASS for styling and theming. The front-end integrates with Switch’s CAPI backend via REST to provide show and guide data and integrates with Prismic CMS for site content. Read More...

Freeview New Zealand HbbTV Application

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    As lead front end engineer on this this HbbTV application there were many lessons leaned and obstacles overcome that ranged from technical, managerial and geographical. Each of these aspects of the project are deserving of their own write-up but this article will just give an overview of the application and some insight into the technology. The HbbTV application for Freeview New Zealand is an ambitions project that bridges the gap between free to air TV and On Demand online content. Read More...