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Beams Arts Festival 2016

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We’re gearing up to throw some light on the situation down at the Beams Festival on September 17th. The festival is growing year by year with 25k in attendance last year and hoping to see up to 30k attend this year. We’ll be showcasing Vizamp on 8 by 16 meters of white painted brick wall at the corner of Dick and Abercrombie in Chippendale from 5pm to 10pm. There’ll be several local musicians participating in this digital light and sound experiment and we’re hoping to open it up to the public a bit too. Read More...

We Won

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    Fantastic news, Vizamp is a Gold Winner in the Sydney Design Awards and Summit. Looking forward to the award ceremony in September. 2016 Sydney Design Awards Page

Vizamp Overview

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Vizamp is a web based design application that allows users to explore and create interactive animated designs in the browser. Vizamp in essence is an attempt at simplifying the kind of creativity enabled by existing tools like shadertoy.com but without the extreme learning curve and with a more intuitive UI. With the rapid growth in digital image creation and ability to disseminate images, users increasingly turn to the visual medium to express themselves. Read More...